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"My passion for the Norwegian and his look has always been around, it led me to create this small breeding.
My cats are used to living with young children and various animals, which promotes socialization. They are raised with love and all the necessary care that guarantees their good health and respect for their race. "
Patricia Boffy

The Alantolie Cattery Is A Family Cat Breeding Of Norwegian, American Bombay-Burmese And Somali Cats.

We are located in Loué, near Le Mans (Pays de Loire). 

The breeding is a signatory of the LOOF and FIFE breed clubs quality charter. 

All our kittens are raised with tenderness and deserve attention and respect. It is for this reason that future families will be chosen with great care and vigilance to avoid "impulse" bookings and regretted purchases. This is in the best interests of our kittens, who want to be happy and pampered. 

Our cats have a cozy home and a separate veranda in two parts where they roam during the day without any climatic concerns. Everything is heated for the rigors of winter, and air conditioned in summer. In the evening they returned. The females have the whole house, and the males stay in another part. All these little people enjoy perfect freedom between indoor and outdoor cattery. 

Note: the love period of our babes is triggered naturally. They are in heat when DAME NATURE decides it! No light therapy or other process is present at the cattery. 

Acknowledgments: Thank you to the breeders who trusted me and to the new owners of my "Alantolie babies", for the photos and the regular news. 

Small family farm, located in Loué, 55 minutes from Paris by TGV.

NEWS : 16/04/2021

We have Somali and Norwegian kittens for reservation !! 
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The Alantolie Cattery is a family breeding of Norwegian cats, American Bombays-Burmese and Somalis. We are located in Loué, near Le Mans (Pays de Loire).

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Alantolie Cattery
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