News in the Cattery  :

  • 28/05/24


    à Réserver !! Contactez moi pour plus d'informations.
    - des chatons norvégiens .
    - des chatons somalis .

    Un petit nouveau norvégien rejoint la chatterie !

  • 05/05/2024


    La race Bombay et American burmese est en stand by....
    La recherche de nouveaux reproducteurs se poursuit et s'affine...
    Une magnifique petite burmese est arrivée... Un vrai bonheur...
    Je remercie Mireille pour so aide précieuse et sa confiance.
    - des chatons norvégiens sont nés.
    - des chatons somali sont nés.

  • In February 2023


    First of all allow me to wish you a happy new year 2023!

    * New to the cattery, I decide to stop the burmeses and the bombays (I explain it on the bombays/Burmeses page).

    * Also a new little princess will arrive in February...
    A second small hare-colored Abyssinian.

    * Among the Norwegians, a new little princess has joined our little feline family.... From a breeding point of view, all white with multiple assets.

    *Finally we have 2 little Hare male kittens available in SOMALIS... Do not hesitate to contact me if you want a pretty adorable Somali...

  • In December


    - Next births in the spring if Mother Nature wants it. No heat is triggered by light therapy or other process...

    -Norwegian kittens: there are 3 small Norwegian male kittens for adoption:
    1 male blue tabby / 1 male brown tabby / 1 male cream

    - After a very long reflection I decided to stop the Bombay and American Burmese breeds.
    The last kittens will be for 2022.

    -New Plan page: Wedding plans are just plans. On the other hand you can contact me and possibly be on hold.

    - The path of international exhibitions will resume. I miss it a lot but reason in the face of the pandemic prevails.

  • In October


    -Norwegian and Somali kittens are waiting for beautiful families to pamper them...

    - Cat shows are back, you will soon have our new dates to come and meet us...

  • April :


    - A litter of Bombay&burmese is expected
    - Petronille x Ioko (outdoor wedding)

    Two eagerly awaited births ... Very interesting pedigrees ...
    - Brittani (her very first babies) x Prince des Ambres
    -Glasha x Hades (her very first babies).

    *for information *
    Regarding possible requests for breeding, no kitten will be granted.
    Indeed, agreements are concluded and restrictive clauses applied.

  • The website continues to evolve


    Here is a new montage for the website, read the site , you will discover many graphic changes, made by the talented Animalz Graph! (his contact is at the bottom of the page and our links)
    Thank you to my webmaster for taking such good care of my website without whom all these changes would not be possible ...

  • Somali and Norwegian kittens available for reservation!


  • Setting up of the new site, it's getting a makeover!


    Thanks to webmaster Créa Cat'Design and Animalz Graph graphics

    Créa Cat'Design
  • New pictures of Loustic and Owald and Page Expo